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seriously? Are you EIGHT months pregnant?
holy crap.


oooh...pick me! pick me!


Where did the eight months go? whoa!


Oh I want to be a friend too ;)


Holy Hell, 8 months already? That's an entire school year for me!

Um, my xanga address is still the same, however, one must have a xanga in order to read it (ie, must sign in to xanga in order to read it). Sooooo it still exists, but in the interest of warding off creepy stalkers (oh, the stories I have), I put what xanga likes to call a "Xanga Lock" on my site!

... just so you know!
:) Have fun doing laundry.... I'm putting mine off, and very quickly running out of clothes! :-S

Hazel Hazel

Yeah, I feel ignored :-(


Still here.



Hi from me.
:) Amy


Eight months....Jesus.

Heres mine just in case you want it, and you know you do:)



You're going to dress baby juju 2.0 in fluffy pink dresses? I think this may cause a problem for him in the future. :) Not that there's anything wrong with it of course. :)

http://joanneslife.blogspot.com (Although also from the Peevery)


I feel so bad because every time I get around to updating mine, somehow I always delete like three people who will eventually notice and ask, why don't you like me anymore.

Eight months? Really? When are you due again? I forget things, sorry.

And of course the dreaded question....do you have a name? ;) Don't hate me, I can't help it.


Is it that time already? WOW!

Blogroll me, pretty please with candy on top or whatever you are craving today!


I'm here! I'm here!


We've chatted before but I dont have a blog.....I know I know, get with it. Really I barely have time to read the blogs that I want to get to daily. Until I create another hour or so in the day my profile will have to do! Abby


Didn't we JUST get the "blink, blink, excuse me?!?!?" blog?
8 months!! I looked at the box the other day and in weeks it didn't seem so close, but when you put it into months, he is basically here!


I'm still here. I haven't been good about commenting, but I read and send you good thoughts. I can't believe you are so far along, hope you are feeling good, the end is always hard for me. Are you ready to pop?


Do you feel this pregnancy is going by real fasT? :-) MINE SURE IS!
I need to get on the ball looking through old clothes and blankets...etc..etc.. newborn stuff... see what I can use and what new stuff I may need.

Maybe my nesting stage will hit in a month :-) im not there yet.

My blogroll hasnt been working lately... never lets me know when blogs are updated... maybe im doing something wrong...

Oh and yes Im eating pleanty :-) in regards to your comment on my blog.
It is a real struggle for me though... Im such a weight control freak... to let go and actually gain more than a pound or two is REALLY hard.
But its for the baby... so that helps ease the mind.

Still when people offer me a cookie or sweets... and say "oh come on its for the baby." I cant help but respond "oh no its not! haha that goes right to me!" :-)

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