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Hazel Hazel

Awww. Makes me want to cry too!


I love when they say ANYTHING for the first time. I bet he'll be excited to hear the news when he comes home. How fun!!


gah! adorable!
that's quite the monumental morning! :)


That is MONUMENTAL news! Me, I'd be happy if Ty started saying more than "NO NO NO!" But her brother's name, that's awesome. He'll be so excited...


Two generations of melted. And if you tell Gram, there will be THREE. Thanks for sharing, Ju :-)))))


BTW- Great Flickr pix of BabyJu over there>>>


How sweet!!! We would have loved to have been able to see and hear that. Give them kisses for us.


Yay!!!! I love it when they learn to talk. That is so sweet that she missed him enough to say his name. Sibling love: Priceless.


that? is the cutest thing ever.


That is heart-meltingly ADORABLE!

God, they grow so fast!

How nice that you have such cute 'rituals' every morning!



Oh my goodness!!! What a big girl!!!
How excited was HE to hear the story that she had said his name?

Jeff A

So we enjoy it while we can because we know sibling rivalry will rear it's ugly head someday.

Wow am I a wet blanket or what?

Let me try again: Awwww that is soooo cute! ;-)


It's just amazing how quickly they learn language just from what they hear. Very sweet moment. I'm sure you barely resisted squeezing her to mush.

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