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Damn, is he gorgeous! I am happy for your (almost) solitude. I am counting down the days (6!!!!) until Phoenix starts grade one, and Keegan back at preschool the following day, so it will just be me and the young prince at home. Grade one...time flies,eh?


He is Gorgeous!


Wow. You do have beautiful kids.

Here's what I remember about 1st grade. My teacher was Mr. Imani Mwandishi. We called him Mr. Imani because what 1st grader can say Mwandishi? :) The teachers went on strike at some point and I got sent into the corner by a substitute for talking when I was on my way to the bathroom. And I nearly wet my pants. And I was in a 2nd grade reading group. The end. :)

Magnolia Mom

UH! He is so gorgeous! How can you stand it?


Holy crap! He JUST BARELY fits in my screen. And SO handsome and proud-looking. Why do they have to grow so fast??? Enjoy your day and year, Ju.
See you soon,
Love and hugs and kisses.


Remember what I said yesterday about time flying? Ditto that.


He is so dam cute. Mine went to Kindergarten on Monday. Enjoy the alone time with Baby juju.


Enjoy these few short months alone with Baby Juju. They'll fly by.

God that is one beautiful boy.


He is VERY handsome! Enjoy time for you girls because I have a feeling things may be a blur for a while after #3 comes!
Question- why do men assume that we women automatically understand or care to discuss what they do for a living? My husband will come home and talk about machining steel rolls like I know all about what he does? SO simple minded! I think all men should live inside a woman's mind for one day! How many do ya think would survive?
Have a great week-end!

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