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That is the cutest picture ever!


Ju, You really should do this for a living, you know? You're just so damn good at it; Being a mom AND writing about it. She's officially a Toddler now???
Oh. My. God. ;-)


That was the SWEETEST letter EVER! They are so lucky to have you for their mommy! I love(d) that age too. When they walk toward you with those silent, stomping, wabbly, adorable steps. Nothing like it. Except maybe when they try to run. And think of how her first boyfried will love seeing her mullet pics :)


That is a sweet letter and an adorable picture.

A boy??? The new baby is a boy? Cool. I'm sure she'll rule both of those boys world. :)


Don't mind me, I'm just here nibbling the leg chub.


You are a woman to be admired. Good job at all the things you do, most importantly being a great MOM! Sweet picture...


Awesome post and picture! Your children are blessed to have such a wonderful Mother- as will #3!
The picture deserves a frame around it! I swear it's the only time a "girl" looks cute with rolls! LOL!


It's my same old familiar refrain...where does the time go??

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