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My goodness!!!! Too cute, she looks so intense like she knows exactly what she's doin.

Miss you all terribly!!

Love & Hugz!

Hazel Hazel

Wowie. She focuses way better than you.

Hula Doula

WOO HOO! I found you again. For some reason I lost you for a while. I couldn't find your blog. I was talking to Mellie Helen yesterday about your beautiful children and she sent me your link again. YAYAYAYAYAYAY
She has grown up since the last picture I saw of her. AAWWW


God she is cute!!


PRICELESS! These pictures were worth the price of the damn Gameboy, plus!


So freaking cute. Dam you are going to go through a load of minutes when she hits....I don't know, 5.


Oops, thought it was a cell. Never mind. Sheepishly shrugs away....


She is so SERIOUS! How adorable!


She looks just like you!
And my, is she ever focused! Better keep your eye on her! :)

And look at how big Little Juju is getting! WOW!


If you don't stop deleting my comments I am totally taking you off my blogroll.

ctmommie (Abby)

She is concentrating so hard!


Looks like the beginning of a little healthy competition ;-)

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