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Watch him tell the first person that asks, that he will tell them for a new game boy or something.

I don't know, I kinda like the name Chat. ;)


I am a little partial to Amanda myself :)


Christian is my hubby's name. Though most people assume it's Christopher


I really like the name Preston! Would you rather have a boy or a girl? Hubbies choice?


I really hope it's a boy so I won't be disappointed that you didn't name the girl Hadley Jane.

But you know anything at all will be just fine with me... As long as I can babysit! I promise, cross my heart, not to bribe The Boy. Everyone here as witnesses.


What's riding on the bet of who tells first?


If you use the middle name of Cal, Kemma would be an interesting name...

Of course, if you want to go a bit Irish, Shannon is nice...


PS. I empathize with the name struggle. I was actually in the middle of the pushing phase of labour before Mark and I agreed on "Ty"...


I think your inclination to stay away from Colon is a good one. Kids can be vicious and that would be a playground favorite.

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