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I think for some reason it is a taboo subject and that spills over onto the net.

Truth: No debt. We only spend what we can afford, actually we spend less than we can afford. Does this make me a bad person?

Kate the Peon

About 5k - 4 and change on the car, and slowly working up to a grand on the credit card since I've been debit-card less for over a week now.

Abby (ctmommie)

My husband lost his job last october and was unemployed for 7 months. The job he got a few months ago SUCKS! and is just getting us by. So glad he got that masters degree.... We take money each month to pay bills, from our savings which is scary. We were in wonderful shape before all this happened. Even after all this we have our house which I dont really consider bad debt. No CC debt, but we owe about $45,000 in student loans. I really wish those would go away.

Is there a reason you ask or just curious like the rest of us?!


at least $3000 possibly as much as $10


We only spend what we earn...so that is good, and the only debts we have are the mortgage and my frickin $56K college loans, so very glad I went for the masters degree since I now hang out with a one year old all day.


Gee, so many people out there like me that are enjoying the fruits of their expensive education by spending their days with their kids!

As for debt, $4000 left on the truck and $47000 left on the house...no CC debt though...

hanging my head

We have our house~$150k, a car that will probably die before it is paid off~$15k, my student loan ~$13k, cc debt ~$3k and home equity loan of ~$40k - that is the one that is killing us.

We are in over our heads at the moment but husband gets a nice raise in a couple of months and has taken on a part time job to help us get back above water. I am looking for something PT that I can do from home to help out as well.

I hate this because we worked so hard to get everything cleaned up and paid off before we bought our house and now we are back to square 1 but we are determined to make it better so hopefully it will.

Peeved Michelle

$1.7 million


We owe about $15k on our car, $175k on our house, probably around $30k in student loans, and close to $10k in credit card debt. We hate owing this much, but we're gradually chipping away at it all and doing the best we can to get out from under all this debt.


38k - house
7.5k- truck
10k - restaurant
15k- student loans
1.5k- credit cards


P.M.: I hope you're joking because I'm laughing pretty hard. If you're not, so sorry...
Hope we all hit the lottery , and SOON.

Peeved Michelle

I am not joking, but it is all mortgages. My husband and I own several income properties.


Does that include your house? We have as of right noe about $6500 on a credit card and one car payment. We did good though because the credit card was actually about 13,000 and we paid half of it this year.


Lots thanks to school loans, mortgage and car payments.


I spent about 8 months right after I moved here underemployed and living off the credit card. You can imagine the current balance is not a good thing. I'm working on getting out of it but it is slow going.


Debt? We are buried in it, up past our heads, with no chance of ever getting out barring a winning lottery ticket. It's awful. And, we can't afford any lottery tickets.

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