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Ahh a little cat food never hurt anyone. When I was little both my little sister and my nephew ate dog food. Being the good big sister/auntie that I am I didn't stop either one of them. :)

Since bad things happen in 3s I think you are done for now.


Criminy, Ju! That's it, you're moving here. I promise to take care of your closets and you can spend all of your time monitoring what goes into (and what doesn't) the babe's mouths. Dammit, I hate that we live so far away. As for coping, I highly recommend sitting in the middle of the floor sobbing uncontrollably for about 10 minutes per day. After the children get over the trauma of it, you'll look forward to your daily detox...


Cat food has got to be filled with some vitamins :) Sorry about your car. My tire blew out last week on the freeway with 4 children in the car if that makes you fell any better:)

ctmommie (Abby)

Take a deep breath..... Ive had days like that, weeks even. I hope you are feeling better today. What a nice invitation from your mom. Man, I wish mine would say that....


I'm thinking that you might want to send a complaint letter to the company that made your wardrobe bars...

Sorry about your bad day. Have a good cry and eat some chocolate...

Mellie Helen

Sometimes, when it rains it pours...but that's enough, now!! Say, if you really need a car, I know where you can borrow a Honda for cheap...


heh. Ok..remember when I was all whining about my stupid job? I take it back. You totally win.
Also? Noah ate SO MUCH friggin dog food in his first 2 years of life. HE WOULD NOT STOP! The minute the dog would start eating and he's be right in here chomping down some kibble before I could stick my finger in there to haul it out. Dead fly? meh...protein ...but you know...EW!

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