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First of all, the blog looks great. I need to know how you got the "add me to your list" down there.

Secondly, as great as your hair looks, you should find a maintenance-free style for when you have, you know, less time to do your hair!


There is NOT a haircut that would NOT look good on you! Don't sweat the small stuff!
How are you feeling?


I am getting my hair colored and cut tomorrow because I have some help in the blonde department. And I think you have great hair!


The beauty of being pregnant, is that even if your haircut turns out badly, no one will tell you! Who wants to make a pregnant woman cry? But I am sure you'll look fabulous no matter how you do your hair.

BTW, I love the "Itty JuJu" moniker for the baby...


Your hair is naturally very curly? I propose you leave it in all of its curly glory one of these days and post a picture of it for those of us who may think that statement is just a wee bit crazy! Your hair is always so straight and lovely. :)

How are you liking 'Lucky?' I read it a few years ago and my copy has been on loan a few times since - recently got it back and want to give it another read. May I suggest picking up 'The Lovely Bones' when you're finished with that one? Alice Sebold is wonderful.


that is a CUTE baby watch counter. i've never seen that style. very sweet.


Well, what happened? Cut, trim or over the top, new you?

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