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WOOT! A size 6! Now THAT is something to celebrate ... with, er, sparkling cider, perhaps! That picture of you 3 is beautiful - you are positively glowing!

Hazel Hazel

Good for you and glad you had a good time. Not surprised the baby was an angel. She is a delightful little darling!


17 weeks pregnant, and fitting into a size 6? Never let me hear you complain about being "fat" ever again!!!! Beautiful photo of the 3 of you. Glad Baby JuJu was a good wedding guest!


$%^$ You on fitting into a size 6 when you are 4 months pregnant!! You guys look great!! Now I know who the baby looks like :)


Sounds like a fun time was had by all. And what a wonderful portrait!


You guys are beautiful. Glad you had a great time!

Kate the Peon

You're so cute!

Mellie Helen

Glowing is the word, indeed! You look absolutely radiant, my dear. Maybe all I need to do is get pregnant, aaand _then_ I'll fit into a size 6 (ya think?).

Don't wax too romantically about what it might have been like to have your boy at the wedding. It could have been precious and sweet, but at your boy's age...well, it could just as well have gone the other way. Hm, then again, wax away -- I'll give him the benefit of the doubt!


I haven't worn a size 6 since college, you go girl!


A size 6 at 4 months pregnant? WTF?
Are you human?

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