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Hazel Hazel

You would do that in the winter too, who are you kidding.


Google is the invention of the gods. I mentioned it 3 times in a conversation with someone recently which made her look at me and say "Do you worship them or what?"


Ok, you made me think. Then I said, "Oh, Doogie."

I still have until next Thursday for the end of school...then I have to deal with the minute-by-minute alerts "I'm BORED!!!!!!!!!"
Ah, summer. I remember when it used to be my favourite season. Is it any wonder that now it is fall?


20 feet is a long way when you are holding something that weighs 20 lbs. Me and Google- we are best friends :)


Embrace the lazy!


Oh, Ju, you are such a V.O.M.I.T.
That means Victim Of Modern Instantaneous Technology.
I made that up. Do you like it???



I laugh, because I do the same thing.

Happy Lazy Summer to you too!


Hi JuJu I like Wink's comment about VOMIT.

I have to risk saying that I personally like Feck Kelly.
Sorry. I like her way better than Feck Kathie Lee.W


When you are the mother of two and pregnant with a third, there is no such thing as lazy. Enjoy.


Your blog is cute. Found you off a friends site. Best of luck on the pregnancy. :-)


Obviously you need a laptop so you can watch (and loathe) Kelly while reading blogs and googling unknowns.
(I fucking HATE Kelly Rippa and her new commercials....I want to strangle her with me purse strap!)


There's lazy, and then there's lazy...what have you been up to lately?

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