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Somehow, knowing how much I really know about you given that all we see is one little window into your world, I totally would not have pictured you as a Freddie Got Fingered fan.

I love old school Spiderman, and I'm kind of curious what happens to Madeline once you get to the spins a web any size and she's got x-ray eyes?? :)

Mellie Helen

Here's a truncated version, which I'll call One Things:

I share with you: (1) waitress job, (2) could watch A Christmas Story a million times, (3) adore watching Lost, (4) WDW vacation, (5) it's a small world playing in my brain's jukebox [thank YOU, Sherman Brothers], (6) Chicken Alfredo -- mmmmm, (7) could never pick just four books, and (8) plant me on a sugar-sand beach with warm waters washing my toesies. But...website I visit daily? Heh. None. Unless you count my email site.

You can't be four months along already, can you?!?

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