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Depends on what kind of candy :) Glad everyone is better!


Well..REALLY you shouldn't throw it away cause I mean, that's like wasteing and stuff and maybe it will bring ants or WORSE centipeids or some sort of plague to your house. A POX even, that could spread and infect the whole town.
I mean it's for the good of the community that you eat it. It's like your civic duty or something.


Pictures are great. Drunk at Disney.....I love it!


These are the first fanny-pack-free Disney pictures I've ever seen. :) Looks like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing!


Ack. I was wrong....apologies. =/


Yay health and stuff. And pictures! Great ones :-)


You just HAVE to get your boy into modelling. He is gorgeous!


I bet you were hoping the first words would be Mama or at least Dada...it is better than "No" being the first word, though, right?


Ahh the envy I feel! :) Looks like a good time was had by all, and I'm all for the getting drunk at Disney. 2 years ago on my birthday Peeved Michelle and I went to Disneyland and ended the day with a cocktail. :) To me that's the best way to end it. :) Also I love the new blog lay out.


Lovin the new layout! If they didn't intend for you to partake a lil as an adult at Disney, they wouldn't sell alcohol...right?


Nice new look, Ju. Crisp and clean looking. (one of my design teachers at Oakbridge was always going for "crisp and clean". She would love you!)


I enjoyed your 51 things...I hadn't see any of it before (not that I remembered anyway.) Looking forward to the next 49.


What wonderful pictures of your Disney vacation! I've been to all the Disney theme parks in Florida in semi-recent years (in the last 7.5 years, ish) and it's so funny to recognize places just from a small shot.. in February I took a picture of my best friend in front of that same Mosaic tile picture on the inside of Cinderella's castle, where LittleJuju was standing!

I'm so glad you and the fam had a blast - you look wonderful, as does everyone else, naturally! :) I bet LittleJuju will never forget his first trip to Disney world!

And congrats on Baby's first words!

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