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The Greatest Aunt

The spelling is 'aight' and it is clear that your mother overdosed the baby on American Idol. Next she'll be saying "Listen up dawg," "You moved me" and "Bad karaoke."

Peeved Michelle

The baby was saying, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Such a rabblerouser.



Happy Birthday..and you totally missed mine too so there.


Not only is my seester not aware that I am not, repeat NOT, an Idol fan, the television didn't even think about being on when BabyJuJu was here.
We had such a wonderful time, I wouldn't trade last week for ANYthing and was thrilled to have her here.
Happy Three-Month-mark :-)
We're so proud of LittleJuJu and know you are too.


Glad you are back...I was wondering what the right age is to take a child to Disney...my daughter is almost 3. Im thinking we should wait...a while!

Kate the Peon

I had forgotten about Disney and wondered where you went! I just figured the baby was still crying and your eardrums were bleeding and it was too hard to type.


Welcome home and glad you are back! My guess is what she heard her babysitter say during the week since she was off work- "Light, light, light?" She hasn't seen much of that for a while! (the sitter!)


Happy belated birthday!!

(... we leave for Disney World in 1 month... and insider tips since you were just there?)


Welcome back!!! I didn't miss your b-day you just had to go read my post to see the wishes! :-p

Congrats to Little JuJu, I didn't make it to see Baby JuJu while she was here, with the puppy who after my third attempt at typing is finally off my lap and not licking my hands and face (just got home from work).

Can't wait to see pictures!
Talk to you soon, Much Love!!!


crap....i totally was thinking Randy Jackson...but damnit...it's totally not funny when someone else beats you to it...

but, yeah, that's totally what she's saying.
she's trying to say, "aight....Chris totally got robbed, dawg."


Yeah for all the good stuff!! And Happy Birthday!!!!


Oh yeah, I think she was saying RIGHT. As in, What do you say Maddie Right? RIGHT!


Congrats on the sleeping through the night.. I AM JEALOUS!!! Happy late b-day!!
also, 3 months preggo.... you are still in the comfy and NOT fat stage!! Love your blog!


Time to move up a diaper size...the poor thing is yelling "Tight! Tight!"

Congrats on your third month! And hugs to the boy! Awesome!

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