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The Greatest Aunt

Your mom can clarify, but I'm thinking you totally wimped out on one recital. Do you remember that?

I wish I could see LittleJuJu's game. That brings back so many memories for me. But then again, 14 years of Little League can get a wee bit annoying.


I will iron for coffee if you throw in a donut!


Hurray for little juju!! T-ball is so much fun (and so god damn LONG)!!


I might be a tiny bit envious of your impending trip to the happiest place on earth. You could always be one of those people in the scooters, you know. :) Gets you on the rides first if nothing else. :)


They grow up sp fast! Hey at least you will be where you can eat everything that is bad for you like corn dogs and ice cream. Isn't that what being pregnant is all about?? If not then I must have done it all wrong :)

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