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The Greatest Aunt

Your effort is moot though since Nana will be catering to her every whim in a few days, no?


this is NOT a congratulatory comment.

i will keep my fingers crossed that she ... doesn't... sleep through the night again tonight!


hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


I am not saying a word :)


Well I'm not going to say congradulations. I wouldn't want to jinx it.


Not saying nuttin'...
Obviously TGA doesn't know that I'm sleep deprived also and not really interested in cutting my own throat... ;-)
Leprechauns? Hmmmmn.


Ooohhh... bummer. Sorry that didn't work out for you.


Sunshine? Rainbows? Leprechauns? I want some of what you're taking;)

Peeved Michelle

Ok then, better luck next time. Certainly this is not any sort of congratulatory note since the baby clearly did not sleep through the night last night.

Mellie Helen

So sorry to hear that things did not work out and that Baby JuJu did not sleep through the night. I hope she continues to not sleep through the night, especially seeing as how you are now well-trained to get by with only ten minutes' sleep here and there. And soon, perhaps she'll not sleep on a regular schedule!


If you figure the sleeping trick out PLEASE share with the world!!! My BF's kid slept through the night at 7 weeks.... DAMN THEM! Good Luck!


well if it HAD worked I would totally congratulate you but since it didn't then I won't.
Cause that would just be silly.


Sleeping through the night is a myth sold to us by the makers of Ambien.


Like, where are you? Too busy to update or something? Geesh.
Happy Mommy's Day.


Congrats! Sounds like a peaceful night!


*** wink *** I hope it sticks :)

Good luck!

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