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Peeved Michelle

I especially enjoyed the fact the sound was just a bit delayed so that it was like a baby kung fu movie.


Baby kung fu... funny!

She's a real talker, eh?


Could that kid be any cuter? Nope, I don't think so.


Apparently she was saying something very important, because
Ben, my 15 month old, was very interested... that or it was love at 1st sight!


My little Maddie! Give her hugs and kisses from Nana and congratulations on her first screen debut!
Nana xxx ooo


What a chatterbox! Too cute...love the whole "Jackie-Chan" over-dubbing thing going on. Cool...


This is priceless! Thanks for sharing!

The Greatest Aunt

Eyes watering LMAO! And the cuteness is too too much. And I love that freakin' chair!


LOL that is TOO cute.


She is adorable!

Mellie Helen

Man, was she concentrating on that toy at the beginning! Did you see her furrowed brow? "Let's see; if the tangent of x squared is equal to the hypotnuse of...nooo, that's not it!...hm..." For her, the struggle was about getting from the seated position to the end of the ottoman, and at one point, her past (the toy) distracts her, and she looks back, compelled with the challenge it posed. The drool pouring off her chin underscores the intensity of her ambitions. Aw heck, she's just a cute 'lil baby calling out for Daddy and reaching out to Mommy. Precious.


The cuteness is too much!!! She is a smarty pants isn't she?

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