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The Greatest Aunt

OMG. There is so much to say about all of these pictures, but I'm speechless except for "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"


OMG Ju, what fun this was. I want those back, don't you know. This was like your own version of Snarkywood! Thanks for the chuckles. You were an interesting kid. Now maybe everyone will believe me. You forgot the one with the make-up and Farrah-hair ;-)


Oh, and Happy Birthday! If my abacus is correct, if you're 26, that makes me 48. Thanks ;-)


Happy 25th! Aren't 25th birthdays the best? I've enjoyed all of mine.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!
Both your kids look like you.
NEITHER of mine do.
They look like my husbands FATHER.
It's frightening.
I will be 25 next week! HURRAY FOR 25!


Happiest of birthdays! You still look as cute as your photos! I love the one of you with the doll in pink plaid...I had the same one! Awesome pictures...and yes!!! Maddie looks just like you!




(BabyJuju TOTALLY looks like you when you were that age!)

Have a FABULOUS day!!! and a wonderful, health filled, love filled, fun filled year ahead!


Mellie Helen

Hey, happy birthday to you! (and to me, today.) Yes indeedy, BabyJuJu is a "mini me" of you! Hope your special day was wonderful, and thanks for the trip down your childhood lane. :)


Happy happy birthday......
... and yeah.... the 70-80's attire did make us all look HAWT!!!!

Kate the Peon

Your captions are hilarious. Happy Birthday!


Those are great!!!! Little JuJu looks just like you! Happy Birthday!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Please tell me you still have those hot shades ;-)

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