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BUY IT! BUY IT! For us poor moms that have a house full of boys....


Ha! I thought it was for you and was going to complain about how I wished I could justify putting that adorable polka dot bikini anywhere near my flabby post-baby tummy and also complain about how jealous I was that you could wear a bikini after two kids.

The Greatest Aunt

I was checking out bikinis in Target for BabyJuJu.


The kid needs a rich Nana. Or a pushover, one or the other. Maybe a nice savings bond instead?


i was totally thinking it was going to be a bikini for you and i was filled with the jealousy and hatred. i'm better now. i say get it. little girls can wear the same clothes for several years (they don't grow as quickly as boys). do it. get it.

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