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Wow I can't believe she is going to be year old either!


I love these birthday posts, always read them twice so I don't miss anything. OMG the dreaded STAIRS! You can't put a gate there can you? Why don't they design homes for child-rearing???


How did you manage to be lucky enough to have an 11 month old that's not climbing stairs or tearing pages out of books that are placed on a shelf that you SWORE was taller than a baby's reach?

They grow too too fast. Enjoy every second of hesitation before she takes off like a speeding bullet!


How is this all happening so fast?


Wasn't it just last month we were coming to meet Miss Maddie? (After my trip to the ER?) How in the heck did she get 11 months old?

Who pushed the fast forward button?


Are you serious? She's 11 months old? How did that happen?
Noah was S-L-O-W tooth getter too. he's 3 1/2 and he still doesn't have his 2 year molars.
slow slow slow

Mellie Helen

And now, to add to the bittersweetness of your darling girl facing her first birthday, I give you the heart-wrenching lyrics to the Alabama song, "You'll Never Be One Again", found at http://www.lyricsdownload.com/alabama-never-be-one-again-lyrics.html. We made a DVD from footage of our son's 2nd birthday, and set it to this song's music. Beautiful, poignant, touching, adorable, and heartbreaking all at the same time. And it made for a precious momento of that snapshot of time.


Wow does time fly!

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