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The Greatest Aunt

What a beautiful tribute. Happy Birthday, Lin.


Thank you for this from the bottom, top, and both sides of my brimming heart.
I Love You.


You rock Jenny.


ahhh! you're a nice daugher.


Hey! Nice new look, glad to see the snow gone. I like it. Especially the "heaven and hell" thing. Cute.


WOW- what can I say? I have two daughters, hopefully they will see this in me someday! Your Mother is a most wonderful person!


Damn - I am crying! Excellent letter...I can feel the love you have for her and can only hope my daughter will have that much admiration for me in the years to come.

daughter in law

What a good daughter. Thanks for visiting our group site. Enjoy your trip to Pennsylvania - land of the unpredictable weather. It might be snowing or 70 degrees. Good luck packing.


THAT was beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to your mother. I am sure it means the world to her that you love her like that. May we all write letter like that to our Mothers. Wonderful!

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