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One has apparently fallen...and can't get up.


Hair! I can see hair! She's so gorgeous.


I think it's funny that the married couple commented here within one minute of each other. What're the odds?


That's too cute!


But she is BEAUTIFUL (your child not the doll...not that I have anything against the doll..it really is quite cute but does not hold a candle to the living one.)


Funny, I downloaded some pics off my camera, and just from some of the angles, they did look almost twinnish. These are soooo cute!
Happy St. Patty's Day to you two too. Or four too.


That is so cute!! The last one is my favorite!

The Greatest Aunt

Too funny and too cute. And again, the chair. Is gorgeous too.


That is really kinda creepy. She is of course beautiful, but you do realize she just layed out her twin.


This is so funny! I stopped by yesterday, but didn't comment. Today I came back and am still laughing . . . Thanks, b/c I needed it!


HAHAHA Oh my GOSH! They DO look eerily alike!!! That's wonderful! (I'm sure she'll hate that when she's 14). Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all too!

Mellie Helen

Man, that kid's been hitting the bottle too much. The baby bottle, that is.


I think someone knows who has the upper hand a little too early.....


I think she wants the spotlight all to herself. Your girl is so precious.


is it a statement to my level of consciousness that i thought there were really two babies there for a second? i mean, is that a bad sign? that i had to look twice? sigh. but the real kid is awfully cute. now that i know which is which.


SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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