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"Tissue togas" - LOL!

Have a safe trip. Enjoy the birthday party, too!


My female cousin who is 6 months older than me to the day introduced me to french kissing around 3rd grade. She said, "stick out your tongue". I did, she stuck out hers and we touched them...that as french kissing as far as we knew...


I'm going to Disney World in May as well! I think I'm more excited than the kids!!!!


hee hee. FIVE kids. I have FIVE kids. I think I have heard EVERYTHING.


Can't wait to see you, we'll have to continue this conversation... Do you remember parading up and down our street in your bathing suit and my high heels pushing your shoppin' cart? ;-)


high hills and bathing suit? Were you hoping for miss america?
Also..I am far to ashamed to admit to you what I did with my barbies.


You can neither see nor hear this but I've got my fingers in my ears saying "LA LA LA LA" over and over again. We're SO homeschooling my kid. French kissing in kindergarten?

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