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oh yes,..my noah was an eater like that. He really eat much baby food either...he was ALL about the grown up food. Potatoe wedges were a favourite of his...alas we now live in a wedgie free land....*sigh*


Happy Ten Months, Baby JuJu. Nana loves and misses you. Come and see me this weekend so we can dance!
Love and Hugs and Smooches on your chubby cheeks,
Nana xxx ooo


I can't remember when I started reading, but I think it was at month five. Wow . . . time has gone by fast! Now, my littest one is five months old.

Happy 10 months, may month 11 bring you sleep!


Happy birthday baby girl. Yes, I keep telling myself the same thing, this too shall pass, eventually. Agh! Hang in there.


I hear the separation anxiety tapers off around 18 months...according to Baby Center...however, it only lasted a few weeks max with my boys, so don't panic. In the meantime, throw some glitter in her hair and tell everyone she's your new fashion accessory!

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