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And I thought MY day was kinda crappy. Feel better ;-)


Poor you. I hope you feel better.


Wow, good thing that wasn't you, in any way, shape or form. Pretty impressive that you can make stuff up like that so the rest of us can choose to learn from "pretend" mistakes so we don't have to.



Man I am so glad you are totally not having a day like that. Cause that? would totally suck


My baby! I hurt so bad for you at times like this. You can call me and cry if you like.
Love You Lots...

Mellie Helen

Some days, it just keeps a-coming. Get out your virtual racket and lobby as many balls as you can, Sister!


WOW! So glad that wasn't YOUR day! You sure have a vivid imagination though!
Hang tuff!


Hope your weekend was better...

{{{Hug}}} - thought you could use one!

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