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Have a great Valentines Day, you doer!


Don't feel bad doll, my Valentine's Day will be spent taking the boys to swimming lessons...ah romance! At least Phoenix gave me a Transformers valentine this morning:)


Happy Valentine's Day! I wish I could become a doer since I have so much to do before this kid gets here.

Mellie Helen

Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your sweet valentines at your home. Share hugs all 'round! Even if some are delayed due to road travel, they shall be none the less sweeter!

Stupid Mom

Please don't tell me I have to resort to television viewing to overcome the un-DO-ing effects of the NyQuil I was growing so fond of...
Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentines Day! You and JuJu will just have to celebrate a few days late. And if you lived closer I would offer to babysit.

Thank you for the pictures, that made my valentines day.


I just got into Greys Anatomy about a month ago. Why haven't I been watching this show all along? It actually makes me laugh out loud...great great show!

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