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Ah...I remember 30! (Ok, it was only 3 years ago, but fond memories!!!) Happy Birthday X 30! Have a big ol' piece of chocolate cake on me!


There was a sweet woman named 'JuJu'
Who wished happy birthday to 'youyou'.
Now that you're thirty
You hope she's still dirty
And will find something for you to 'do-do'.

(If I had more time I could probably think of something a little LESS classy, but that may be a good thing anyway.)

The Greatest Aunt

Happy Birthday, Mister!!


Welcome to the
"You are closer to 40 than your teens" Club!


Happy B-day Mr. JuJu!!!!


All best regards for a swimmingly stellar day!
Love You Lots!
Linda xxx ooo

The Greatest Aunt

If 30 is the new 18, what is 50? I think we both know the answer to that! LSD!!! (in a couple of weeks, anyway!)


You definitely are the Greatest Aunt, but if you were even a mediocre sister, you'd remember that I'm remarried and my initials are LSR now. ;-)
I'm sorry I get testy when those feckin' numbers come up...

The Greatest Aunt

Sheesh, a little sensitive, are we?? hehehe


Happy, Happy - 30 Rocks! Enjoy it :)

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