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I remember the numbness lasting a long time too. I went to a party that night and amazed everyone with my ablity to drink beer from the side of my mouth :) Hope it feels better today!

The Greatest Aunt

Root canal? Poor you! I'm glad you found the 'fun' in it all though. Only you could manage that!


You are so brave! Root canals are serious business!


Sooooo glad to hear that it went well... or at least, not as bad as you thought it was going to go! :-)

And there is a connection with bodily health and tooth health... so it's very possible that it could have been your tooth that made you sick in the summer! But yay, it's all behind you now! :-)

The Greatest Aunt

Btw...like the new look!


OK, I was way off base on my guess of what you did yesterday morning and you somehow picked up on it. Did not know you had psychic powers too.

Excellent read. Very funny. And the site looks fantastic.


"...and some of you are quite perverted if I do say so."

How did you know what I was thinking?? I thought I was using my INNER voice there.


Oh jeeze JuJu, I'm so sorry, the perverts from my site have somehow ended up here. You might as well enjoy it tho, I will tell you from experience that there's not a lot you can do aboot it. They don't respond to shame even. Must be a Canadian thing...


Yeah... it is somewhat disturbing to know that you are on fire.... and the man inches from your face is not worried at all....


Ahhh, root canals. Not the most fun ever. And what is it about shopping after dental work? I always do that too.


I feel really bad for you, but find that I can't stop laughing right now! This was well written :)

Have a great week!


spank my ass and call me charlie...i know this because i'm alittle ashamed to say this is an expression i use all too often... :)

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