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My wife and I had that same 'dada' discussion for a fair number of months; I was of the same opinion as your husband is now :). Our son (now 20 months) certainly did not say it in direct reference to me to begin with, and he now inarguably does. Somewhere in the middle he made the connection and neither my wife nor I can pinpoint when that happened.


You have no idea how I look forward to these birthday posts. You are an amazing Mommy, JuJu and I am in awe of that. The best part is, this (love)will all come back to you some day, just like it's come back to me. I Love You!


WELCOME BACK!!!! Oh how I missed you! I can not comment much about being the "stay at home" Mom, but the vacation benefits sure are good! LOL!!
You must remember one thing, no matter what that darling little girl says first, there is no love like a child has for it's Mother! My oldest said "DaDa" for the first time on Father's day! There was no beating that one! Missed you GREATLY!


A - She is painfully cute and that picture of the two of them together make me want to weep with the cuteness. Oh and she's almost at that age where I start liking them. :) I like it when they develop personalities and all that jazz.

B - If it makes you feel better, there is a linguistic reason most babies come up with dada before mama. I learned in my langauge acquisition class in college that the muscles to do the 'd' sound develop sooner than the ones needed to put the lips together for the 'm' sound and that's why babies usually will come up with dada first.

Peeved Michelle

That's just what babies do. First they say "dada," then they say, "mama," then they say, "no," and your lives are over.


Julia said "Dada" first and it made me cry, but now I love when she calls for Daddy instead of me :)


she is going to TREASURE these when she grows up :-)

do you print 'em and put 'em in her baby book?


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