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The Greatest Aunt

Go Stillers!
For an easy purification: eat about 20 pieces of sugarless candy a day for a week along with a pound of carrots. Worked great for me while I was quitting smoking. A little painful and a lot embarrassing though. (somewhat gassy)


So what does your ego like? I'm down to my last box of Turtles from Christmas. You're more than welcome to its remnants!


What's chicken buffalo dip?? Sounds good!


Hi! Dropped by and all that. Hope you feel better (I have no advice, I feel craptastic all the time lately, sorry)


I read you everyday. I think your blog is great. I have not comment on the purification method. Never tried it. Usually a big hunk of chocolate cake does it for me.


Purification,eh? Well, my mother-in-law recommends drinking salt water 8 times in one day, and for meals, eating stewed prunes. Mind you, this only works if you are prepared to live your life for the next week from the bathroom...eww! Good luck, let me know what works!


delurking, just wanted to say that I love your blog. It always makes me smile, thank you.


Hey I don't lurk. And the only detox info I have for ya is when I was in school they told us to drink 1/2 an ounce of water per pound of body weight. I dunno if it works or not...but when you get all detoxed, I know a good massage therapist ;-p

Lots of love,


Still reading:-)


Just wanted to say hello. I haven't ever tried any purification method. But, it does sound interesting.

My little one is allergic to wheat. I have been reading about that, turns out a lot of people have trouble digesting wheat and that can make you really tired. I have been without any wheat for a couple of weeks and feel really great.


Boo! Did I scare you?




De-lurking...now...OPEN WIDE!!!!


Whatever you decide to do, keep your electrolytes in mind. (Now if that doesn't resonate sound, motherly advice, I don't know what does...)
Love you.


My doctor recommended a detox diet to try and identify some food allergies. I didn't actually end up doing the detox diet, but she did stress the need to regulate vitamins and minerals and suggested a few (expensive) products. I don't know how much of this was an attempt to sell me some vitamins and how much was really necessary...but, check your book to see what it says about that. The last thing you want is to make things worse...


Good luck chair shopping! And Happy De-lurking Week!


Happy DL Week! :-)


Still passing through from time to time... ;)


Hi there,

Followed a link from So the Fish Said and wanted to say you have a great blog and comment on the detox. I actually have had the very uh, unique, experience of a high colonic. Someone swore it would help with my tiredness but I only did it once because $75 is a lot of money for a glorified enema. Ultimately, the tiredness turned out to be from my thyroid. I've heard from other people that have done extensive detoxes that you ummm...poop out long pieces of rubbery black stuff. Sorry to be so graphic but thought it might be helpful in some manner. Anyway, good luck with it :-)


officially delurking.
i've posted a few times, but will try to more often ;)


I have no clue, but would interested to know if it works and how you feel. Good luck!

Magnolia Mom

Hi I came across your site from Shooters Station. Your kids are precious!


I truly believe that most of the problems we have with our bodies are caused by what we put in them. I think a lot of this stuff works. Another thing you might do is talk to your doctor about getting B12 shots. A couple of years ago I was feeling awful all the time and my doctor prescribed b12 on a regular basis and I felt better.

On the other hand, you do have two children...

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