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HILARIOUS - with the pics to back it up!


Ohh, Strep Throat... I have it at least twice a year and as I type, I am starting to feel my throat itching... AHHHH!

The Greatest Aunt

Yet another topic in the future therapy sessions.


Sometimes you just have to go to a U2 concert. Great pictures though. I'm glad the show was good.

Wow..saying "show" makes me sound 80.


Hahahaha. You are so funny. I am a long time reader...first time commenter.


Ooh I attended the concert here in California. Were you inside the ellipse? I thought they were amazing. And can I just say that your son has excellent taste in music? Great choice.


Those pictures are priceless! It's good for you and Mr. JuJu to have that night out - don't worry Little JuJu will not be scarred for life b/c of it! Glad to hear the night was all you anticipated and sorry to hear that you are sick. Get better soon!

Happy Holidays :)


Oh you poor child! No wonder it took you so long to post about the concert!


Love love love the pictures!! True rockstar to be! And I agree sometimes you just have to go to a U2 concert :)

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