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Mellie Helen

They grow SO fast.


What absolutely wonderful pictures from your Thanksgiving celebration! Looks like you had a great time - and that table! MMmmm! How I crave a home-cooked meal! :-)

Your children are absolutely gorgeous. Have you thought of putting LittleJuju into modelling? Truly, he's so photogenic, and the poses! They come so natural!

BabyJuju looks JUST like you in this picture:http://static.flickr.com/30/67749010_ef5251aa27.jpg?v=0

Excited to read the new post! (But no rush, tis the season of busy, so take your time!)

Take good care,
xo heather


Actually, those are my aunt's flickr photos, I ddin't even see her until the day after Thanksgiving, but her table WAS so pretty!

The Greatest Aunt

Thank you. Thank you very much.

PS. It's really easy to photograph beautiful kids.


Of course BabyJuJu looks like Daddy in this picture but Hannah too, a lot. It was so great to have you here for the Holiday and I was happy to help celebrate month 7. The best part was the dancing, though. Not too many people will dance with me willingly anymore... ;-)


Glad to hear your little one is doing so well! Also glad to hear that there are other babies out there with non-functioning waists (ie won't sit)...;)


Love it! Teenager in training!

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