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Enjoy! Have a great time. My first concert? Mr. Mister. Remember them? Maybe not. My favorite? Hrm. That's tough. Probably Peter Gabriel in '92 but I reserve the right to change my mind on that at any time.

The Greatest Aunt

Have a great time! I'm thinking my first concert was ZZ Top but I could be wrong. My favorite was probably Springsteen.


My first concert was also my favourite. Supertramp played 3 soldout nights in a row in Toronto. That meant about 180,000 people saw them over that span. I was 14 at the time and couldn't believe my parents let me go. And it was amazing. Turns out, my future wife was there the same night as me although we didn't meet for many years after that.


Well, my first concert was, get this, Sha Na Na...remember them, with Bowser? Favourite is between Kiss's Psycho Circus Tour and the Duran Duran concert I went to in April...


My first was Grand Funk Railroad :-)
Billy Preston opened :-P I was 14. First time I ever smelled weed, didn't know what it was but I carried around my coat for weeks, it smelled so good. Best concert ever was U2, 1987. ZZ Top in '86 was good too. I would have thought TGA would have said Bob Seger, going backstage and all...
She must have been high ;-)


My first concert was Hall and Oats :) I think I liked Dave Matthews the best, but I was "having a good time" that night so that might be the reason :)


My first concert was Britney Spears. How sad. My favorite was Weezer/Foo Fighters.

The Greatest Aunt

1st thing-Heather......I'm sorry your first concert was Britney.

And, yes the Seger concert was cool because I got to meet Bob (Hi, I'm Bob) and got my picture taken with him and I was NOT high. But Springsteen, I saw twice, once high and once not high. It was awesome both times. Better not high though.


Love your site. My very first concert was Chicago way back in 19 something or other! I got to see U2 from a hotel window in Columbus, Ohio, many years ago. It was well worth the window view. Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.


My first concert, I was 12 or 13 and it was the INXS Kick tour. That was the first time I had ever smelled pot, and I totally didn't know what it is. I haven't been to too many concerts but I think my favorite was the Bare Naked Ladies. They're just freakin' hysterical. And we had great seats at the Irvine Meadows in California.


First concert was Shaun Cassidy when I was in 2nd grade! It's hard to pick a favorite, maybe U2 in '87, REM in '89 or Peter Gabriel in '93? Saw U2 recently and that was a great show too.

Jeff A

Hope you have a great time!

First concert: Iron Maiden

Favorite: ICP

Jeff A

Umm I looked at the date there, I meant hope you had a great time!


First, I am embarassed to admit this:

1989 - New Kids On The Block

Favorite: Blue Man Group

How was it? I keep checking in for an update post!


U2! How awesome. My first concert was when I was 17 at the outdoor venue at the local Amusement Park. It was Reba McIntire. My boyfriend took me and we had 11th row center and even though it rained half way through, I made him stay the whole concert. It was awesome.

Favorite concert ever has to be Jimmy Buffet, with Journey as a close second.

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