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The Greatest Aunt

So sorry that happened! And, I'm telling your mom I see a wire hanger!


Oh, no! That sucks. Have fun packing and a good trip!


Maybe you should start watching infomercials and get those sweater-bags that you can suck the air out of with a vacuum and then you'll have room for even more shoes! Or sweet-talk the hubby into fixing it before dinner time?


Holy Crap! You know what though I would have left it like that for at least a month till I decided to do something about it :) Have fun on your trip!


I could cry for you, but it's too funny. I'm sorry! Just grab an armload and throw it in a bag, Grandma JoJo has a steamer if I remember correctly ;-)
I love you, have a great weekend, be safe.



This looks like something that would happen to me about 20 minutes before I would need to leave for school. I feel your pain.

<3 have a GREAT weekend! :)


SAVE THE SHOES! Do we need a fund raiser? I can create bumper stickers! SAVE THEM! SOS! SAVE OUR SHOES!

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