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The Greatest Aunt

{{hugs}} to you!! What an awful, awful nightmare. And as far as the boy goes...with the attitude and all, I have just one thing to say: he's becoming a man!


Ok Missy, no more reading the newspaper or watching the news before bed for you! I hate those kind of nightmares. I got the shivers just reading about yours! Poor you. Go kiss your big kindergardener...

Jeff A

Good heavens what a horrible dream. I had, and still have, bad dreams about my daughters in school. I think it's two parts parental anxiety and five parts the times we live in that do it.


What a horrible nightmare! I've been absent lately, but am catching back up!


If there is anything that I cannot tolerate, it is whining. I hate it. It goes right through my skin and into my bloodstream and attacks each individual cell in my body until I am itching with agitation. It crawls up my spine and plants itself right into my temple in the form of pain.

I've always thought that was the point to whining. It's the verbal equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, but it doesn't just hit your eardrums, it goes straight to your SOUL until you are forced to give in. Kids are smart, man.


Don't worry, the whining will only last until he becomes a teenager and stops speaking to you.

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