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How much fun!!!
I know what you mean about wanting to break the rules. I wonder if our parents thought the same thing or if they really were fuddy duddies!

The Greatest Aunt

Great post. Can't think--too much information. Good pictures.


Wow what great costumes kids these days wear. Reason number 62 I can never be a mom... my kids will end up in flowered sheets as ghosts a'la Charlie Brown. Or like me in the same poodle skirt every year. :)

The Greatest Aunt

ok, first question......Why take the damn stroller if you're gonna carry the kid??


She started out in the stroller and was happy...then thought maybe being carried would be better.

The Greatest Aunt

That was a joke, Jen. Geesh. I have two kids. Gimme some credit here. TWO TEETH! Holy crap. I need to see this kid NOW. Second question: What's with the purple bag Batman is carrying? No wonder he only wanted to stay out 20 minutes. Geesh. Did his Dad see that?


That is some quality child you've got there.

He is an absolute angel! And so photogenic!

You must be so so so proud!

And yay! TEEEF!! This could be why she's not sleeping! She's too busy breaking gums!



i see that adorable batman and i raise you one:



Du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu Du nu nu nu nu nu nu nu...sorry...just humming the Batman theme to myself.

Mellie Helen

So Baby JuJu was dressed up as...Baby JuJu with Teeth!


No, she was a jackolatern
(good Lord is that how you really spell carved-pumpkin ?)


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