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I would be more concerned if Mr. JuJu was frenching the boys... ;-)

I can certainly relate with the constant sickness turnover with Kindergarden. Kripes! It's like walking into a plague zone. I'm thinking of making Phoenix wear a bag of garlic and camphor around his neck...that way no one will want to get close enough to him to give him the germs!


Hilarious post, JuJu. I thought of printing it up to share with Gram but it would be nice to have her around for the Holidays...
Glad LittleJuJu is better and hope BabyJuJu follows suit soon. Can't wait for your visit. The guestroom is waiting for the carpet installers and then it's a go!


When my oldest daughter (now 14) was in Kindergarten thru 3rd grade, it seems like she was sick constantly. I don't think she has had a single cold since then (I am really jinxing myself). I hope you are all feeling better soon.


I enjoy reading your blog. Not only do the kids get sick from the crazy germs, but the teachers do, too! I know that from personal experience and I teach high school, where they are supposed to know how to wash their hands, etc. LOL!

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