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Oh 3 glasses of wine and I would be on the floor! Wish you would of drunk posted- I would be quite interested in reading that :)


Hey, I'm pansier (or something). I don't drink. I had a beer not long ago. I'm such a lightweight. But seriously - embrace drunken posting. It'll be fun!!


You two are bad influences on me.

Peeved Michelle



At least I don't cry watching Oprah.

The Greatest Aunt

I think majority rules and you must BWI..........blog while intoxicated. BTW, there's nothing wrong with CWO.......crying with Oprah. I'll admit it, I've done it and I'll do it again.


Thought I raised you better than that ;-)
Ever tell you my Mad Dog story??? It is along the same vein as the Wheat Thins episode... Now filed under "Lessons I Have Learned The Hard Way".

The Greatest Aunt

Mad Dog as in rot gut wine? Ewww. Now that's a story to avoid hearin at all costs.


Rot Gut Wine. That's pleasant.


Wheat thins episode? A must hear without a doubt.
Jen..I have ONE glass of wine and I am LOADED...but then I proceed to empty the bottle. UGh..I'm stuck at 17 or soemthing....totally why I don't drink (anymore)


three glasses totally get me drunk. in fact, at book club the other night i had two small glasses and by the time i got home i was silly with the drink.


I seem to have aroused some curiosity aboot (for the benefit of your gracious readers North of here) a couple of my lessons learned; let's just say, they call it Mad Dog for a reason, and if you ever get the "hungries" ;-) and the only thing at your disposal are snack crackers, make sure you have a beverage handy if you happen to devour the entire box...

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