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Jeff A

Answers to some of your points in no particular order (and one commentary because I love to babble):

I am loving the fall weather but also aware that because I live in Indiana that it may change at any minute.

For the mere moments I am asked to help out, school is the best babysitter ever!

I could send my 5 and 9 year old girls, I'm sure they would help you with a girls night out!

I am reading it!


I read this site and will go to girls night out with you. Wanna meet in West Virginia? Or maybe Hawaii instead?


I read it, and Girls night out is definatly do-able......when are you comin back this way again?!?!?!??

Sending lots of hugs and love to the JuJu's


I am a loyal reader and I would love to hang out with you!!

The Greatest Aunt

I will definitely go out with you!


Too bad we live in separate countries...I'm dying for a girls nite out too! Sigh...guess I'll settle for that bag of Coffee Crisp Hallowe'en bars that "accidently" fell into the grocery cart on Sunday...


YES, I too read !!!!!!!!
The next time you are home, we can DEFINATELY have a girl'a night out!!!


It is NEVER too early to put up Christmas decorations!!!


I just had a board game night with some friends. It really perked me up and I didn't have to get a babysitter.

I hope the sleeping gets better soon and that you and little juju are feeling better.


I want a girls night out, too! And one where my husband doesn't call after an hour and go "Hey, what are you doing?"

I read, I read!


Well, I just happened to read it since you popped by my own site.

I can't help you with the girls night out. I am very un-girl. Much more mannish. Actually, completely mannish.

(Very cool that you know Todd Marchant!)


Mommy-Jujube needs a break! And a bottle of wine.


I read, I read! You should definitely meet Beth in W.Va and you can commiserate (or however the hell you spell that).


I read your blog too! Hope things start looking up for you! You deserve it! :)

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