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The Greatest Aunt

YEA! for you. One more step towards a better future for our kids.


GOOD FOR YOU for teaching him about Rosa Parks - and history! He won't get into that in school for years to come, so you should be very proud that he listened, understood and empathized. He's such a sharp kid, sharp-mind, sharply dressed! ;-)

xo heather


Good for you! I played Rosa Parks in our 3rd grade play- my claim to fame!


Whoa- is that a P-coat that kid is wearing? Way cool!
Now onto the Rosa Parks story, I felt such a deep sadness this morning when I heard this! But my second thought was how proud she must have been to know that kids in school are learning about and have been for quite a few years! This comes on the heels of just read (listened to) the book Cain River- EXCELLANT book about slavery and family! Highly recommended!!!! How BRAVE of a woman Rosa must have been! And how lucky your son is to have a Mother that thought enough to bring this up to him! Keep up the good work!
Is that little one sleeping yet?


God bless Lil JuJu and his innocence, and as I said to another small child last night, he will be one of the ones who can make a differece in the future with that way of thinking!!!

Hugs to all


Definitely something to be proud of Jenny. You done good!


I hope there are more parents out there teaching their children the same thing. It will take us all to make the World a better place.


Thank you for having that talk with my Grandson. Just Thank you.

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