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Root canal? It's like a day at the spa. At least, it is if you mix those painkillers with a nice bottle of wine.


Mine was okay. I was numb for like 4 hours afterwards though. And yes painkillers are always a nice parting gift :)


Wait I am confused, I thought Pap Smears lived up in North Apollo? Poor old guy.


My first ever root canal (in high school) was a bit painful (but hell, most of the 80's was painful for me too).

Turns out the insurance company reviewed the x-ray before/after head shots. They didn't like what they saw (neither do I frankly), and refused payment to the "Dentist".

So he called me back to the office to do the procedure AGAIN---this time determined to get to the ROOT of the problem.

So when you are getting it done, just imagine your new Dentist/Friend needing to redo the job with a pi&&#d off attitude.


Second one was two years ago, kid you not, not one jab of pain. Maybe you should check your Dentist's overall dental school GPA.

The Greatest Aunt

There's an ad on TV for a dentist that will give you "a little pill." I swear he says that in the commerical. That's the only part I heard, so of course I don't know his name, but you can bet I'm listening to dentist commercials more closely now! And root canals don't hurt during the procedure. It's when you get the bill that the pain starts.


I had a root canal and I will be honest. It wasn't fun at all, but it was NOTHING like I had imagined it to be! Compared to the pain I had imagined, it was a piece of cake! I had heard the horror stories and was just almost sick by the time I actually went in for the appointment. But I must have had someone who actually knew what he was doing and I didn't have much pain at all! Now the crown afterwards? That was another story! Hope it goes as well as mine did! Hang in there! You know? I think your hubby should buy you some nice jewelry or something. Or at least flowers. :)


Root canal? Oh yeah, been there, done that. Got an abcess while on vacation in Alberta. Pictures of me at West Edmonton Mall in the dentist chair (who told me I was just grinding my teeth, and to stop). It was when I got home that my "real" dentist told me the problem. And it was no big deal. Worst part is getting the freezing. Afterwards, just enjoy the drugs, and be happy you aren't breast-feeding. :-)

Peeved Michelle

Did you ever read about the first time I had nitrous? I became more accustomed to it after the first time and now I highly recommend it for all procedures. I even get during my cleanings.

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