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Sweet lord that's amazing. What's your trick?


Was he drinking wine with you? Too cute!


When you find whatever he was taking... let us know... we will send you our address and you can send us some of what's left... unless he used it all. lol.


Oh, Honey, by the way. When we were on the phone earlier, I forgot to ask you. By any chance after we left last weekend, did you happen to find a bottle of- oh wait, here it is. Thank gawd, I thought I lost it at your house. Just can't get through the day without these little babies anymore...

PS Give that precious (schizophrenic) child a kiss from his Nana and don't forget his session on Tuesday ;-)

The Greatest Aunt

How the hell does that happen?? Oh wait, I know.....he inherited your OCD gene. My kids never cleaned up those damn legos....


Better check his bookbag after school-they are starting younger and younger these days.


Maybe soon he'll be changing his little sister's diapers!


How in the world did you get so lucky? My oldest says she wants her room MORE messy because she wants to show me how different she is from me! Ugh!


someone has been raising that child well! what a sweetheart.


he probably gets it from his uncle.

your blog's really funny, jenny! (even for us non-moms) and you write so well! i bet you've got loads of fans. i'll bet they don't know that I'M your literary inspiration! remnants!!!


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