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Where have I been? I haven't commented in ages! I'm so sorry! So here I will 'catch up' on those posts I have been unable to comment on!

First and foremost, I, at 21 years of age, have short fat fingers. I would just like you to know that she will "grow into them" as time goes on lol and they will work just fine eventually. I still have issues sometimes dialing cellphones, but I've learned to grow my nails and use them instead! yesssss... Besides, by the time she has her own cellphone, they'll be built into sunglasses and she won't need to use her fingers! (Ps. that actually exists, so I hear...)

Those pictures you posted of BabyJuju a few posts ago are absolutely adorable! She may cry all night, but at least she's easy on the eyes! And she looks a lot like you!

I too am dreading winter. Winter sucks.

I hope you and the children are feeling better, not sick anymore. Sure, that was millenia ago! But, hey, well wishes are here!

I hope LittleJuju had a wonderful picture day at school - he's such a charming little guy, I'm sure he looked just dashing in his photo!

I can't say anything about root canals because I've never had one... some people say they're not so bad... so, I hope you're one of those people!

Lastly, I wish you many many more nights of BabyJ sleeping through the night. It happened and then it stopped, but I hope it picks up again AS OF TONIGHT and sticks around until she's 17/18/19 which will be when she's out until all hours of the night - which of course, will mean that you will be up again at all hours of the night... at least then you'll be able to reason with her! :-)

hope all else is well,
xo heather

The Greatest Aunt

Makes you wonder if all of a baby's limitations piss them off, doesn't it?


Don't forget the whole diaper thing. I know that would make me cranky too.

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