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Sounds like my house. Except my baby is almost 2 and he damn well knows he shouldn't be hitting.


Now I see why you haven't been blogging- you are to damn busy defending yourself! Hang in there!

Mellie Helen

Do they make baby straightjackets?...

The Greatest Aunt

Baba would say she's going to grow up to be a wrestler.


One thing you just don't know until you have one is how strong babies are! Three words - protective eye wear.


Reminds me of that Dairy Queen commercial - remember? The Daddy with the baby in a pack that kicks him in the balls and when the Dad leans forwards in pain the baby head butts his chin.
Although I don't suppose it was so funny to you. At all.


Hi, great site.

My son used to do that. He also would head butt you - now THAT is pain. One minute its all goo goo gaa gaa and the next...broken nose!

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