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Good post JuJu, methinks you speak for millions. Although, it is rare in PA to see door-to-door soliciting, maybe it's different in OH. I hadn't thought aboot (can't kick that habit! lol) the tree incident in awhile. If I remember correctly, every needle fell off that tree in a pile. Maybe you need to get one of those pseudo-barking dog things... Or move back to PA where no one knocks on doors...


Once my parents had ripped out the carpet in the hallway and were in the process of putting in hardwood floors. All that was visible was the cement subfloor. A door to door vacuum salesman came to the door and offered to show me a vacuum. I looked at the floor and looked at him and said, "No carpets." He made some statement about we could use it on the furniture and I said "Dude, do you see the floors, you think we have furniture?" He left in a hurry.


I never answer the door unless I am expecting someone. Who knows the mayor could have come to my house too and I hid from him too.


THANK YOU!!! I have tried to explain to my husband, family and friends that just because someone calls you or stops by your house you are not obligated to answer!! Sometimes I just don't feel like talking on the phone, no matter who is on the other end!


JuJu, I agree with your mom, just move back to PA where ppl don't go door to door. :)

Miss you all BUNCHES!!!!!

Mellie Helen

Our gated community has a sign at the entrance: "No Solicitors". And that really keeps 'em out (not). I wish I could look out my peephole, but it was placed in our front door for people of normal height, not oompa-loompa pygmie dwarfs such as myself. What I need to do is install a spy-type periscope to the door's peephole so I can see who's trying to peep at me.



That's funny.

Next thing you know, you will be hiding from the Govenor or the President.



I do the same thing! I never ever ever answer the door unless I know who it is!!!! And the phone? Ugh I don't have caller ID right now (new phone..didn't notice NO ID SCREEN when I bought it) and most times I let the machine pick up to screen it.


Visitor ID. That's sheer genius!

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