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The Greatest Aunt

Wowie. Sorry about all of that. I promise not to complain about anything today. YOU deserve all of the "having a bad morning" sympathy!


I did that once, but I actually locked my keys in the car with the baby in it- in my driveway after I locked the house up. You need to make fresh coffee every morning. Hope your day goes better :)


Wow, that is a badass morning! Hope your day improves :)


Oooof.. That is quite the morning you had...

I hope the rest of the day improves for you! Thanks so much for the comment on my xanga, too! What a nice surprise! :-)



It can only get better.


My morning was no fun either, but you definitely win!

Hula Doula

And then there are days that I don't miss having a baby in the house. Hopefully you can nap a little today while Baby JUJU is sleeping.


Well, the caffeine must have worked because this writing is great. Bravo!

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