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How awful! Glad you're feeling better! What a sweet hubby you have for taking care of you AND making sure you have gossip to read. Gotta love a man like that!
Take care and keep on feeling better!
By the way, what cute kids you have! Simply adorable. :)

The Greatest Aunt

Damnit. Is that all you DO? Sleep???


I'm so glad that you are feeling better.. You have certainly had the weekend from hell, you poor thing. Honestly, who gets sick in the summer? Eeesh.

Anyway, God Bless Tylenol, God Bless Hubbies, God Bless Grandma's (yours, and Little Juju's) and God Bless the internet and being able to sit in front of it!

xo heather


Oh, you poor thing! I'm glad you are feeling better but take it easy!


Sounds awful. Glad you are feeling better. I can't believe you didn't call the doctor back and insist that something was wrong with you. Hope the babies don't get it.

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