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Alright to getting drunk tonight! Too bad I can't. Julia hated her car seat thing and so did I. I think we switched her over when she was like 4 months old. Much better I tell ya. Good luck to the little guy on her first day of kindergarden!


Fingers crossed, Jenny. Let me know how it goes :-)


Am holding my breath and hoping and praying hard. Please maintain. We'll talk later.
Love You Lots xxx ooo

The Greatest Aunt

Fever-free Friday!


So far, how do you feel this week-end? I am still praying for you, not only for your sickness- but Monday too! Talk about a rip your heart out moment! (And to think, they call it a "milestone"!!!) Being a Mother can be very hard!
Have you looked up your illness on the net? If so where? I wanted to look up something and went to the Web doctor only to find them for sale!
Hope this finds you & all your family well! I too had a baby that HATED riding in car- that can be INTENSE!

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