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Oh Jenny- i hope you feel better soon. Hugs and lots of liquids coming your way. Please keep us posted on what they think it might be. I will be praying for you!

The Greatest Aunt

More prayers for ya! Are they working yet??


Prayers coming from your home-front! Hope you feel better soon!


Feel better soon, I'll be thinking about you!


Hope you are feeling better soon!!!!

Peeved Michelle

Good luck. Best wishes. Fingers crossed. All that stuff. I once had a mysterious illness. I would wake up nauseated around 5:45 AM every day, throw up some stomach acid and remain nauseated until about 3 pm, when I would finally be able to eat a meal. It lasted for 3 months. I lost 20 lbs. Eventually they figured out I was having gall bladder issues. No doctor would ever take my word for it that pregnancy was impossible at that point. When we finally knew what it was and that there was a simple surgical solution, I was so relieved.


Praying like crazy Jenny. Enjoy the good days :-) J. says we're thinking of you , don't hesitate to call for anything and
Lots of Love,
Mom & J.
xxx ooo


Praying for you that you get well soon. There is nothing worse than not knowing what is wrong and why you feel so bad. I'm sorry you don't feel good and hope for a quick answer to your boo boos.


My fingers are firmly crossed. Feel better!

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