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Relax sweetie...it DOES end...eventually...my kids' sleep-thru the night realities:

SON #1: 8 months
SON #2: 6 months
SON #3: 7 weeks

You just need to have another one, that's all!


Ohhhhh how I want to have kidsss... but how I probably shouldn't because I.LOVE.SLEEP.

Sounds like you DO have a super busy couple of weeks coming up - where abouts in Canada are you going/coming (I'm in Canada, eh?)? And is Jugsy a canuck himself?

I hope the little one starts sleeping through the night soon! And that your arm feels better soon too! hehe.



oh, and PS. I have the same type of hair.. I should probably invest in these headbands you speak of! yessss...


White headband huh? Sounds so retro :) Mine is usually up in a ponytail so I guess we are in the same boat. I have a cute tunic too that I bought for cover up reasons. I think it cuter than my bathing suit! She will sleep through the night- maybe it is crib time so you don't have to hear those noises all the time?

Have fun on your trip!


But are you wearing leg warmers too? Sleep tight soon I hope.


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